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5 Tips To Writing Better Blogs

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

As someone with great, big ideas, have you ever wished you could share your specialized knowledge with the world? You have a unique perspective on how your industry operates and something valuable to offer to it, which is most likely why you thought of starting your small business in the first place. Are we on the right track yet? Getting relevant content out to your audience is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and in turn grow your business. So, since you’ve got all this wonderful knowledge, why not share it?

Here are 5 blogging tips for small businesses - a first hand look at how you can build authority in your industry through your knowledge & words.

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Tip #1. Be The Expert

People have questions, and your customers have more questions than you may think. When you create a website for your business you invite people to get to know your brand on a more personal level. You may share a list of the products or services you offer and a page about you or your brand story, but have you considered making your website a space that offers more? Adding a blog page to your website allows your customers to learn more about your industry and puts you at the top of their list of brands who have knowledge about it. When your audience has questions, your answers help them trust you and establish you as a knowledgeable source.

Tip #2. Write About Relevant Topics

Understanding what your audience needs is how you will uncover what questions they have. Make a list of relevant topics about your industry possibly including questions you might of had when you were first introduced to it. This puts you into the same shoes most of your customers are in helping you relate to them on a personal level. Another approach to discovering relevant topics to write about is researching what’s trending within your industry and crafting your blogs around those things. Try asking your followers to pick what topics they’re most interested in through polls and questionnaires.

Tip #3. Show Your Personality

Blog articles don’t have to be serious sounding to be good. In fact, most of the time readers are far more engaged when content is fun and relatable. People are hooked on authenticity! Showing your personality through your writing is entertaining to your audience and helps them trust you on a more personal level.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while writing:

  • Write the same way that you speak.

  • Have a point.

  • Tell a story.

  • Be honest and authentic.

Tip #4. Add Visuals

Adding visual aspects to your blog, such as photos, videos and GIF’s, keeps your readers engaged. For those with short attention spans scrolling past visuals allows some breathing room which helps keep readers focused. Another reason why adding visuals is effective is because doing so breaks up large blocks of text that can make your blog post seem intimidating to read at first glance.

Here is a list of relevant visuals that you may want to add to your blogs:

  • Relevant images from websites that provide free stock content.

  • Graphs, charts or infographics depicting data to support your information.

  • Other content you've created that could be relevant (ex. Youtube Videos)

Tip #5. End With A Call To Action

A major part of advertising and marketing is having a well crafted CTA. Before signing off make sure you leave your readers with something to do that will also benefit you! You’ve answered their questions, you’ve established your voice in the industry as a reliable, trustworthy and relatable one, you’ve created compelling and entertaining content that they will want to read more of… what is there left to do? Now is the time to have them follow you for similar content, link them to your products or services, or get them to sign up for your email newsletter. Without a persuasive CTA, all the time and energy you just put in is left floating around in the readers head with no where to go. Ending your blog post with a call to action may just be the most important part of the whole process.

These tips are a great place to kick-off your blogging journey and this is your sign to start today! No need to stress over what to write since you are the professional here! Begin with the knowledge that got you to build your own small business and we promise people will listen.

Need help figuring out a strategy that works specifically for your business? Let's connect! Shoot us an eMail at info.opiia@gmail.com to get started.

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