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8 Facebook Basics For Business Owners

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Having a Facebook business page can help your business in increasing brand awareness, especially since Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. A business page is essential for every business, since it gives customers the opportunity to learn more about the products or services that are being offered, ways to reach out regarding any questions or enquiries, and most importantly, it is a place where you can interact with your customers and make them feel engaged.

Here are Facebook Basics for business owners.

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Tip #1: Add brand images

Logos, or brand images, are an essential part of any business. It is the first thing that customers see and learn to associate the products/services with, which makes the use of high quality and optimum image sizes all the more an important aspect that makes your business stand out.

Tip #2: Complete Page information

It is important to make sure that you do not leave any key areas blank. In order to do so, click Edit Page Info and fill out the sections within that page. Make sure to include a description of who you are and what your business is about. Fill out the relevant contact information in detail and add a link to your website if you have one. Add significant information about your business that could include but not be limited to hours, location, and types of services or goods offered.

Tip #3: Add call-to-action buttons

Including a call-to-action button on your page is important since it gives your audience an easy way to reach out to you, shop for your products/services, and engage with your business. CTAs also motivate users to take action which can benefit your business; for instance, calling your store, booking appointments/consultations, or visiting and shopping on your website. Not having a CTA will not give users a clear direction to your product/services and therefore not allow them to take the next step forward. To do this, click Add A Button which can be found under your cover photo.

Tip #4: Review Facebook Page Settings

In order to make sure everyone can see the content you’re posting; it is important to review Facebook’s privacy and security settings to customize and control who sees what on your Facebook business page.

Tip #5: Post consistently and Engage

It is important to keep your social media account active as studies show that the more you post, the more likes and followers you get. Consistency is a key element to getting your posts seen by the user. Engaging with your customers is another key element to a successful business page, as strong engagement on your business page is one way of maximizing your reach and attracting potential customers.

Tip #6: Post videos, live videos, and stories

Such content will increase your business’s engagement and grow its followers. Posting videos or stories is more likely to increase engagement. Videos on Facebook tend to play automatically in the News Feed, so even a short clip will possibly catch someone’s eye. Moreover, engagement through videos is a lot faster than engagement through images. Live videos on Facebook are also a great way to give your customers a quick glimpse of your company, your products, or your services. Furthermore, Facebook stories are another powerful way to connect with your clients; adding unique elements to your Facebook stories will boost engagement and it is more likely that your brand will reach users that have never heard of it before and therefore potentially lead them to follow you.

Tip #7: Study and use quality hashtags

Hashtags allows users to engage with your brand. For example, by using a common hashtag, you can start a conversation about a specific subject or engage in discussions that your followers are already engaged in on Facebook. It is important to use the right hashtags as well as the right location tag since there is a higher chance that the content posted will be exposed to a larger target audience.

Tip #8: Schedule your posts in advance

Developing a content calendar to schedule your posts in advance is paramount to keeping your content marketing organized and on track. It helps you brainstorm prior to posting and helps in keeping your content consistent.

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