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8 Incredibly Useful Clubhouse Strategies For Small Businesses

In case you're not familiar with Clubhouse, and you are a small business owner, now is the time to start.

Let’s start by answering some of the major questions for all those who are not familiar with Platform which has caught the attention of many individuals in the social media world.

What Is A Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a free, voice-based social media app where people discuss predetermined topics or whatever’s on their mind in “rooms.”

According to its website, the company provides "a completely new social product based on voice [that] allows people from all over the world to talk, exchange stories, share ideas, create friendships, and meet interesting new people."

Basically, you can hop between different chat rooms, on different subjects, as if it were a live podcast. Whether you want to listen or add your thoughts, the choice is yours.

How Did It Become So Popular?

It’s all about timing!

The release date of Clubhouse was April of 2020! That's right. This occurs shortly after much of the world shut down due to COVID-19 outbreaks, which resulted in many people staying at home and rarely leaving their homes.

This has been an incredibly successful tool in this COVID era since face-to-face networking was not possible, and the app allowed for even bigger dreams to come true. Through the invite-only feature, celebrities and entrepreneurs made the social networking app more mysterious so that more people wanted it.

The app store downloads for Clubhouse were skyrocketing. The app currently has 2 million weekly active users, which is amazing. It may be surprising to learn that word-of-mouth is still working in 2021!

In addition to celebrities, the app appears to be focusing on people who are considered elite clients. Since its launch last year, it has become something of a status symbol for Silicon Valley types.

Growing Your Business With Clubhouse

Like any other social media application, clubhouse doesn't guarantee success in your business, but if used optimally, it can be very valuable for your business.

The Clubhouse App is a streaming-based platform. In order to promote your small business and spread awareness about it, you can join clubs and virtual rooms. Here are 8 incredibly useful clubhouse strategies for small businesses:

1. Promote your business with Clubhouse

In an age when social media already consumes vast amounts of our time, is it really worth the time to download yet another app to our devices to promote our business?

Don’t be afraid to promote your business, yourself, your expertise, and most importantly your products and/or services. Have a promotional plan of action. Have a lead magnet ready. Be open and fearless in promoting this link vocally at the beginning, middle, and end of each of your event sessions.

A critical element of Clubhouse is allowing people to connect through casual conversation, much like it used to happen in popular networking parties before the year 2020, find people and get notified when they host or join a room, enter the room to meet people who have the same interests or operate in the same field, and connect with them on other platforms to establish business relationships and opportunities.

A Clubhouse offers another great way to connect with your audience and build trust that will make them loyal followers and customers.

2. Identify and engage potential clients

As all businesses know, it's crucial to reach their potential customers and existing community on the platforms they're using and build strategies around them.

In the world of social networking, Clubhouse might be the next big thing you need to be paying attention to. Early participation, building your profile and optimizing it will help your community find you and it will give you a head start on growing your Clubhouse presence.

Clubhouse helps connect you with other niche professionals, including your ideal clients because it's a community-based platform. By finding and filtering rooms by topic, you can easily locate communities of potential customers who have similar interests and needs that your business might fulfill.

3. Keep up with the latest trends on the clubhouse

There are many topics that can be learned directly from industry leaders and even end-users in the clubhouse.

The clubhouse is all about social listening. Keep track of your competitors, follow influential people in your niche, and stalk the categories regarding your niche on Twitter.

Learning what tools, tips, and tricks other people use to make money can be very helpful. There is a discussion about the business strategies people are using today. Whether they should seek funding or have their novel published is up for debate.

4. Give away free advice to get new business

Build a community of followers by creating one-time or recurring chat rooms focused on your areas of expertise. And as a result of these conversations, businesses might gain new clients.

5. Build Professional Networks in Any Industry

Social networks such as the clubhouse are built around sharing knowledge and perspectives. They provide the perfect introduction to people in your industry, as well as those in adjacent industries.

A great way to build your network on Clubhouse App stock is to optimize your bio so you can let people know what your USP is.

6. Issue Announcements Via Clubhouse

By using Clubhouse to grow your audience, you can share exciting company news with your fans. Consider creating a chat about your business decisions in order to obtain more sustainable suppliers for your business.

The decision to take this step can be explained to your people. With this partnership, you are going to be in a better position to take advantage of opportunities to improve your business. As a result, you can have more meaningful conversations with your audiences.

Your new product launch or features can be announced in a room. Your community may very well respond well to this type of approach, which could be very effective in building up anticipation. Moreover, you can receive immediate feedback. You can also receive better suggestions on how to improve your business launch from others.

7. Get in touch with investors on Clubhouse

Earlier we saw that the clubhouse is a great way to network and make business connections within the industry. This presents an exciting opportunity for business owners to get in front of investors and make valuable business connections.

How to get attention from venture capitalists & angel investors through the clubhouse?

  1. Create a room for discussing your business: Investors will be able to give you immediate feedback and help you improve your pitch.

  2. Share your passion and expertise in other rooms: Discuss what you do, how you help, and what problems you're passionate about solving.

All you need is the right person to listen at the right time and if you are playing your cards right, you might even land a venture capitalist.

8. Building your own club

Not only is using Clubhouse for marketing a great way for making new business friends and updating your contact list, but another great reason to use Clubhouse for business is also to build a community around your brand.

Prepare your community for success by scheduling several talks and supplying them with the goods and resources they need. Additionally, you can visit other people's clubs, rooms, and gatherings. Develop a sense of belonging through culture and add value to everyone here.

Make sure the other room members appreciate your presence now that you are the star of your own show. During a Q&A, you might be able to offer your clients personal advice or answer their questions about your industry niche. By establishing yourself as an authority and giving before receiving, you can walk out of a room with 20+ new leads.

Is Clubhouse Right for Your Business?

In order to grow our business, we need a way to network and the Clubhouse App provides that opportunity. There's no doubt that podcasting and audio will remain a major trend in social media in 2021. Our social media interactions will be transformed by voice.

Despite a world that is more social than ever, humans crave human interaction. Although social trends are prevalent today, the Clubhouse App simplifies human interaction.

Need help figuring out a strategy that works specifically for your business? Let's connect! Shoot us an email at info.opiia@gmail.com to get started.

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