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3 Benefits of Google My Business for Business Owners

Google my business is a relatively new (and free to use) tool released in 2014 that helps businesses, regardless of size, to manage their online presence across Google platforms, such as Search or Maps. This is a perfect tool for different businesses to be able to tell their stories and help their customers find them, made easy and convenient all with one program. Since Google is the largest search engine by any margin anywhere in the world, businesses should take the time and develop their Google business page to the best of their abilities, as it will most likely be the first thing that customers see when they decide to search for your businesses’ hours or locations.

Photo by Deepanker Verma from Pexels

Manage your information - here you can manage the general information that is related to your business and what information customers see when they search for your business on Google. When customers search for your business, they will see the locations, hours and general product or services information pertinent to your business.

The following example is of Tim Hortons, a popular Canadian franchise that offers coffee. As you can see, searching for this particular location reveals the location of the business as well as all the other related information that a customer might need.

Interact with Customers - Google My Business allows you to reach out and communicate with your customers by reading and replying to their reviews. Additionally, you can further interact with customers by posting photos of your business. This is very important, as businesses which allow customers to browse through their photos receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps, as well as 35% more clicks through their related websites than businesses that choose not to post photos.

Understand, Track and Expand your Presence - One of the most important tools that Google My Business offers you is the ability to track the performance of your business on Google’s platforms. This tool allows you to search for insights and understand how customers interact with and search for your business, as well as where those customers come from. In essence, this specific tool allows you to track the general statistics that are related to your business page on Google. In addition, this tool can be used to create and track the progress of something called Smart campaigns, which are basically advertisements about what your business offers to a wider audience.

To sum up, Google My Business is an integral tool to any business or organization that wants to have a successful presence online. The fact that this tool is free makes it all the more useful in terms of its outreach and marketing potential. The fact of the matter is that there is much higher likelihood that customers are going to search for your business on Google than on any other search platform, so make sure you use all the tools that Google offers to make your business as successful as it can be.

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