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Instagram Launches a New Feature for Creators called the “Professional Dashboard”

The launch of a new 'Professional Dashboard' was announced by Instagram, which is basically a management summary portal that offers basic performance insight, as well as access to appropriate resources to help Instagram creators optimize and monetize their presence on the platform.

There are three main Professional Dashboard features:

1 - Track Your Performance: Key patterns and data notes are highlighted based on the results of your account, including comparative prompts based on past performance statistics. From here, you can also tap through to your full Insights section.

2 - Grow Your Business: It provides easy access to various tools, including Badges, Branded Content and IGTV promotions, in order to help you manage your account more effectively. You can also verify the eligibility for monetization of your accounts here.

Stay Informed: Includes links to Instagram’s latest education resources such as tips, tricks, guidance, and inspiration.

The idea is that Instagram will be able to prompt more users to be more engaged with the latest changes by making it a little easier to track performance and stay up to date with the latest features.

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