About OPIIA 

who we are

Opiia is a comprehensive, full-service marketing agency built for the now.  We help our clients create compelling brands and create content that speaks to their audience.  Our experience extends from helping small businesses grow and scale their brand to managing international social media campaigns for larger corporations. 

Through marketing, social media management, personal branding and entrepreneurship, we help clients achieve success in business, no matter what their goals are.   


Our solutions provide structure and organization to ensure the best results before launch. Goodbye guesswork, Hello strategy.


We empower business owners to pursue their dreams, visions, or desires as we navigate how to best reach and communicate with their target audience. 


We are dedicated to the clients we partner with and the stories they tell.  Our reliable customer service is always just a click, tap or call away.

original & unapologetic

We are a team of creators, makers, and artists. We believe in formulating and executing a unique strategic plan instead of a cookie-cutter marketing strategy.

meet the founder

Janita Pannu


Janita is a marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in social media marketing, paid media, lead generation, B2B marketing, brand building, web design, eCommerce management, SEO and all things digital.

She started Opiia with a drive to help business owners and fellow online entrepreneurs find success by creating powerful marketing campaigns.

Janita brings both vision and action to the big picture of Opiia.


To empower business owners and entrepreneurs to execute their brand story using social media, digital advertising, and marketing campagins.

Opiia toronto Marketing vision.jpg

Working to inspire the soul, pull on the heart, and ignite the mind, with compelling marketing messages that deliver results.

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