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Introducing Instagram's Exciting New Features: Trends For 2024

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

If you're using Instagram for your business, get ready to take your social media experience to the next level! The popular photo and video-sharing platform has recently unveiled a range of exciting features and functionalities to address core business challenges while assisting users in championing their preferred brands. Let's dive right in and explore the latest Instagram updates and features introduced in 2023, as well as any noteworthy additions from 2022 that you may have overlooked.

Multiple Links In Bio

Instagram's Multiple Links In Bio feature is a game-changing tool for content creators and businesses, enabling them to include multiple hyperlinks in their Instagram bios. This enhancement enhances business-building potential, streamlines user engagement, increases conversion opportunities, and provides valuable analytics, making it a versatile and effective addition to Instagram's platform. As accessibility to this feature continues to expand, it promises to significantly impact digital marketing and brand growth strategies on Instagram.

OPIIA Instagram Link In Bio Feature

Image Source: Instagram

Instagram Schedule

The Instagram Schedule feature represents a significant convenience upgrade for business account users, enabling them to plan and schedule their posts and Reels with ease, up to 75 days in advance, directly from the Instagram mobile app. This functionality eliminates the need to rely on third-party tools or desktop solutions such as Meta Business Suite, streamlining the content creation process.

With this feature, businesses can gain greater control over their content strategy, allowing for more efficient and strategic post planning and ultimately enhancing their brand's presence and engagement on the platform.

Professional Dashboard

Instagram describes the Professional Dashboard as "a central destination to track performance, access, and discover professional tools." The Professional Dashboard provides comprehensive analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making and helping businesses understand their audience better.

Additionally, the dashboard offers valuable growth tactics and educational resources to help businesses expand their reach, strengthen their brand presence, and engage with their target audience effectively. In essence, the Instagram Professional Dashboard is an invaluable asset for navigating the competitive digital landscape.

OPIIA Instagram professional dashboard Feature

Image Source: Instagram

Interactive Stickers

From a business perspective, Instagram stickers offer a range of powerful tools to enhance engagement and drive growth:

  • Shopping Sticker: This sticker simplifies the purchasing process, allowing followers to buy directly from Instagram Stories.

  • Music Sticker: The long-awaited Music sticker adds a creative dimension to your stories by incorporating your favourite songs, making your content more engaging and relatable.

  • Location Sticker: Share your current location to highlight exciting places and foster a sense of connection with your audience, which is especially useful for businesses with physical locations or those promoting events.

  • Mention Sticker: Mention other users or businesses in your Story to increase visibility and encourage resharing, expanding your reach within the Instagram community.

  • Questions Sticker: Use this sticker to collect feedback and encourage interaction on specific topics, or allow users to ask questions, which you can answer in separate Stories to boost audience engagement.

  • Quiz Sticker: Engage your audience by asking questions related to your niche, assessing followers' knowledge, and reinforcing brand recognition.

  • Poll Sticker: Similar to the Quiz sticker, this tool helps gather opinions, making it valuable for content ideation and decision-making, involving your audience in your creative process.

  • Donation Sticker: Showcase your philanthropic side by selecting a nonprofit organization, allowing your followers to contribute. All funds raised go directly to the chosen charity, enhancing your brand's social responsibility.

  • Countdown Sticker: If you have an upcoming event or product launch, the Countdown sticker is an excellent way to build anticipation and ensure your followers are aware of important dates.

By strategically incorporating these Instagram stickers into your content, businesses can create engaging, interactive stories that not only connect with their audience but also drive growth, whether through direct sales, enhanced brand recognition, or increased social impact.

New branded content features

Instagram branded content is a game-changer for businesses looking to reach new audiences through influencer collaborations. The recent numbers show it has been gaining traction among businesses across the globe. Leveraging branded content allows businesses to expand effortlessly, backed with the right strategies and Instagram tools. It's essentially a partnership where influencers promote products or services through various Instagram formats, extending a brand's reach and credibility. This method enhances brand authority and trust among Instagram users, making it a valuable tool for marketing success. The more such labeled branded content partnerships you have, the more authenticity you show to your potential business partners and attract more advertisers.

Instagram Broadcast Channels

Instagram Broadcast channels is one of the latest features on the platform, enabling creators to send direct messages to their followers in a one-to-many group chat format. This is accessible to anyone with a Creator account, and businesses can leverage this feature by delivering targeted updates to specific follower segments, ensuring crucial information reaches the right audience without reliance on Stories or algorithms.

Moreover, for those with paid subscribers, Instagram's Subscriptions feature can be integrated to provide exclusive content, making the channel an enticing perk for subscribers and amplifying content promotion through posts and Stories. Instagram Broadcast channels offer businesses a valuable avenue for direct engagement, content delivery, and community-building on the platform.

OPIIA Instagram broadcast channel Feature

Image Source: Instagram

Collaborate and Save: A New Way to Connect with Friends

In response to the declining post shares on Facebook and Instagram, Meta has introduced a collaborative feature that aims to rekindle the spark of conversation and eliminate the fear of controversy. The new "Save Post with Friends" option allows you to initiate private discussions about a post with your close circle. It's a fantastic way to share ideas, express opinions, and engage in meaningful conversations within a trusted community.

Highlight Your Stories in Style

Instagram is constantly finding ways to make storytelling more engaging, and its latest feature is a testament to that. Soon, you'll be able to share your stories directly to highlights, ensuring your most captivating and cherished moments don't fade away after 24 hours. Whether it's a product update, a special promotion, or your creative endeavors, your stories will have a permanent place in your profile, enabling you to curate a visual narrative that truly represents you, and your business.

OPIIA Instagram Story Highlights Feature

Image Source: OPIIA Instagram

Take a Break from Suggested Posts

Tired of endlessly scrolling through suggested posts that don't align with your interests? Instagram has given followers the option to "Snooze Suggested Posts in Feed" option. In your Instagram Settings, select "Suggested Content," and then "Snooze Suggested Posts in Feed" to enjoy a reprieve from those unwanted recommendations for a refreshing 30-day period. As the algorithm learns, your business content will reach a more relevant audience in no time.

Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop has emerged as a game-changing tool for businesses seeking to enhance their product sales. This dynamic e-commerce feature equips brands with the power to tag shoppable products in both feed posts and Stories, complemented by an "Instagram Shop" tab prominently displayed on Instagram profiles. This streamlined approach to shopping simplifies the customer journey, with Shoppable Posts and interactive Product stickers in Stories making it easier than ever for users to explore and purchase.

What truly sets Instagram Shop apart is its Checkout feature, which allows customers to complete purchases without the need to leave the app, thereby significantly elevating the potential for increased sales and revenue.

OPIIA Instagram Shop Feature

Image Source: Instagram

Seamless Appointments in DMs

For service-based businesses, Instagram has introduced a game-changing feature to streamline client communication. If you find yourself exchanging direct messages to schedule appointments with your clients, the "Create Appointments in DMs" feature is here to save the day. No longer will you risk losing potential leads in the chaotic DM thread. Instead, effortlessly set up appointments directly within the conversation, allowing clients to add the details to their phone calendar with a single tap. The convenience is simply unmatched!


At OPIIA, our team of experts understands the importance of social media marketing and can help you unlock its full potential. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity; reach out to us today and discover how we can assist you in creating the perfect Instagram marketing strategy you deserve.


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